Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cards against humanity

Popular Board game Cards Against Humanity (Cards against humanity") has acquired a free online version called Cards Against Originality 

Photo: Chicago Tribune
Cards Against Humanity is a simple game for parties. It requires at least three people and two decks of special cards: black written on various issues and proposals with missing fragments, and white — sentences-answers.

At the beginning of each round, players take ten white cards, and one of them is chosen as a "guru" (or judge) and takes only one black. The guru reads the contents of a black card aloud and invites other participants to choose from their white one the most ridiculous answer to her.

Gathering white cards, the judge reads all of the possible combinations and selects the best of them to your taste. The winner receives a black card, giving the opportunity to any other round to offer two possible answers. The role of the guru moves to the next player in a circle.

The success of Cards Against Humanity is funny combinations of phrases whose actual number is limitless — both decks are allowed to complement their own options.

"And the Academy award for disregard for the Third world is in God"
Cards Against Humanity in 2011, was successfully funded on Kickstarter as a "game for horrible people", because it provokes participants to vulgar humor. Since then, she has become a real hit among desktop entertainment, but the digital version has got only four years later.
Cards AgainstOriginality completely removes the need for actual maps, however, did not the Creator of Cards Against Humanity. The original project is distributed under a free license Creative Commons, so its a non-commercial variation of Cards Against Humanity can produce to anyone. Since its release, the game Board is available on its official website as a PDF-document with a standard set of cards that can be printed and cut.

Digital version of Cards Against Humanity is a web application designed for mobile devices. To start the game, users simply go to the website and create a gaming session, and then to throw a referral link to your friends. In the case of games on a distance of the Creator of Cards Against Originality encouraged all participants to call on Skype.

Cards Against Originality is completely free, but the creators of the service offered to donate 5-10 dollars to "this baby was left afloat." Commercial use Cards Against Humanity, meanwhile, allowed only to its author

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